5th BEGIN Training Program

The 5th DHI BEGIN (Business Entrepreneurship Growth and INnovation) Training Program started today. The BEGIN opening event held in Thimphu TechPark was graced by Hon'ble DHI Chairman, DHI CEO, BEGIN Trainers, BEGIN Mentors, Other Officials of DHI and BEGIN trainees. 12 trainees have been selected to undergo the three month BEGIN training Program. The trainees comprise a blend of aspiring entrepreneurs and some who have already started their business. 
In the opening address by the Hon'ble DHI Chairman, he informed the trainees on the importance of Entrepreneurship Training accorded by the government to promote entrepreneurship in the country. He reminded the trainees that the success of any business ventures ultimately rely upon individual entrepreneur's hard work and perseverance. Despite the challenges in doing business, he advised the trainees to work hard, create opportunities and apply skills & tools learned from the BEGIN training program in their businesses. He also informed that the DHI will provide whatever support required for successful implementation of the BEGIN training and in promoting entrepreneurship culture in Bhutan. 

The Chief Trainer, Ms Jeanette also reiterated the need for trainees' perseverance and that the trainees will be exposed to various skills & tools during the three month intensive BEGIN training. The DHI BEGIN training program was started in 2012 and so far, four BEGIN training programs have been held with about 35 entrepreneurs successfully completing the training program. One entrepreneur has also received equity financing from DHI Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund (EPF).