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News and Events
25 September 2018 
DHI Induction Program 2018
26th February 2018 
DHI hosted Training on Law of Contracts
07th August 2017 
Dynamic Leadership & Change Management Workshop

Corporate Governance

"Corporate governance involves a set of relationships between a company's management, its board, its shareholders and other stakeholders.....

Media and Press
27 September 2018 
Press Release: Druk Metallurgy Limited"
27 July 2018 
Press Release: Appointment of DHI Chairman
22 June 2018 
DHI Group of Companies' Annual Press Conference 2018
Announcements and Tenders
10 October 2018 
DHI BizAP Selected Candidates (First Cohort) Announcement
8 October 2018 
Notification and Invitation for Bids - DHI Diary 2019
5 October 2018 
Auction Notice (Toyota Land Cruiser)