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Corporate Performance Department (CPD)

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Corporate Performance Department ( CPD )


The CPD is responsible for implementing best practices in the corporate governance area and it includes the implementation of Corporate Governance Code, DHI Ownership Policy, Strategic Plans of Companies, Human Resources development and others.

Under CPD we have four divisions:

  1. Consulting Services Division: provides demand driven Management Consulting services to DHI portfolio companies as well as to public and private organizations. It also undertakes research in areas of interest to DHI and its companies. More over it is involved in developing systems and processes manuals as well provides technical backstopping services. 

  2. Performance Improvement Division: is involved in developing corporate performance improvement strategies, tools, and processes.This division conducts and administers studies and reviews for optimizing performance capacity and improvement at DHI and its companies by cultivating a Performance-Based Culture within the DHI Group. Furthermore it promotes leadership development and facilitate in improving customer services for the service-oriented companies of DHI.

  3. Planning and Monitoring Division: is engaged in planning and monitoring of performance compacts of DHI and its portfolio companies. It initiates and also implements strategic interventions for DHI and its companies. It carries out the preparation of annual and semi-annual performance report of DPC and conducts annual CEO evaluation and prepares evaluation reports. More over this division revises the Corporate Strategic Plans.

  4. Corporate Services Division: leads the development and implementation of entities falling under company's area of responsibility on issues related to financial planning and management, human resources management, procurement and office management.The Corporate Service Division is made up of units namely HRA, Legal,Media & PR, IT and Procurement.