Department of Investments (DOI)

Corporate Performance Department (CPD)

Department of Finance (DOF)


Department of Finance ( DOF )


In line with the mandates outlined in the Royal Charter for DHI, the Finance Department pursues the following objectives:

  • Ensure remittance of increasing dividends to Ministry of Finance
  • Optimally manage the financial resources available with the Group.
  • Mobilize Capital for investments
  • Strengthen the Financial Management in DHI and its portfolio companies 
  • Provide financial advisory services to portfolio companies relating to investment, divestment and debt
  • Improve the international financial standing of the country through proposals to the Royal Government 
  • Undertake Business development activities in areas related to finance 
  • Ensure compliance with Bhutan Accounting Standards (BAS) for DHI and Portfolio Companies
  • Provide feedback on regulations relating to financing and funds
  • Arrange inter-corporate financing and provide guarantees to DHI Owned Companies for raising competitive financing.
  • Build reserves for Investments


DOF Structure