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Department of Finance (DOF)

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Department of Finance (DOF)


In line with the mandates outlined in the Royal Charter for DHI, Department of Finance pursues the following primary functions:

  • Achieve optimal capital efficiency by consolidating resources of GLCs
  • Provide Guarantees, where required for the GLC's if deemed appropriate by DHI
  • Invest in the existing GLCs to revitalize, restructure and expand their business and also invest in new companies and business
  • Divest shares in the GLCs with no strategic interest to the government or where government participation may not be necessary
  • Raise funds through borrowing from domestic and international FIs and through the issuance of debt, equity or other securities in the domestic and international capital market 

Goals and Objectives:

  • Optimally manage the financial resources available within the group
  • Ensure remittance of increasing dividends to MoF
  • Mobilize capital for investments
  • Strengthen the Financial Management in DHI and its portfolio companies
  • Undertake Business development activities in areas related to finance
  • To provide financial management, advisory and reporting services to support the investment, holding, and corporate functions of DHI