Since DHI is genuinely looking for serious and committed entrepreneurs for the training program, applicants interested to undergo the training have to go through a competitive selection process which includes:

Pre-selection requirements

• Filling in application forms and submission of required documents

• Attend Opportunity Spotting and Evaluation Session: The session provides tools and concepts to aid aspiring entrepreneurs in observing daily life and assisting them in translating these observations into viable business opportunities; additionally, gives aspiring entrepreneurs the skills needed to evaluate whether or not their proposed business idea might be viable as a business venture;

Applicants are then given a week's time to carry out their opportunity spotting and evaluation assignment.


After a week, applicants are called in to pitch their business plan/idea to the pre-screening panel. Each applicant is given 5 minutes to pitch their business idea/plan. Applicants are evaluated and shortlisted based on their personal attributes and the plan/idea they have pitched.

Final Interview

The shortlisted applicants then go through a final interview, which is evaluated by a panel consisting of representatives from banks, private sector and DHI. Based on the final interview, applicants are selected for the training program.