• The BEGIN training seeks to enhance trainees' business and critical thinking skills;

• The BEGIN training intends to provide both a framework and tools for evaluating and applying to real life situations and developing business ideas into viable business plans.

• The BEGIN training aims to provide a professional platform for successive, formal reviews of business plan development by local entrepreneurs as well as DHI subject experts.

• The BEGIN training endeavours to provide all trainees business counselling services on need basis by trainers throughout the training program.

The over-arching goal uniting these individual objectives is the production of a business plan by each BEGIN trainee at the end of the training program, which lays out in detail a plan to launch a viable, scalable venture.

Distinct features

• 3-months training program on a staggered schedule.

• Small number of trainees (10-15 trainees). Focus is given more on quality than quantity.

• Experienced local & international trainers as well as DHI in-house resources.

• Highly interactive and practical training sessions (use of case studies, group works, role plays, presentations, simulation exercises, market research, etc.).

• Encourage and help develop critical thinking skills.

• Help relate and apply the concepts during class to real life situations.

• In order to encourage competitiveness in competency and commitment, two different categories of certificates i.e. Certificate of completion "with excellence' and Certificate of completion are awarded to trainees based on their performance. 

• Panel of experts (banks, private sector and DHI) are called to critique the business ideas and plans presented by trainees during the formation phase.

• Opportunity to avail for 9 months one-to-one mentoring provided by local or international mentors and subject specific mentoring by DHI in-house resources after the completion of the training program.

• Opportunity for trainees awarded with Certificate of Course Completion with Excellence to pitch their business plans for possible equity financing through EPF.



Note: Entrepreneurs who have already availed the BEGIN training cannot apply to the training program again.