Second Better Business Summit- "Sustaining Growth"
May 17-18, 2018: The government and Asian Development Bank (ADB) in collaboration with Druk Holding and Investments Ltd (DHI), Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Centre for Bhutan Studies and Royal Monetary Authority organized the Second Better Business Summit with the theme "Sustaining Growth" from May 17-18, 2018. Hon'ble Prime Minister graced the occasion as the chief guest.
The two days Summit was organized as a development forum to promote the growth of businesses by presenting an opportunity to understand and shape the direction of our growing economy and also provide an opportunity for government agencies and private sector to learn from global development experiences and integrate an economic reform agenda within the 12th Plan towards fulfillment of key national objectives such as economic self-reliance, full employment and structural transformation. Additionally, as the Royal Government launches its 12th Five Year Plan, the Summit would have a critical role in exploring how the aspirations for the expansion of key business sector and increased entrepreneurship would become a reality as the country prepares for graduation from the Least Developed Country category.
During the Summit, entrepreneurs, academicians, government and civil society officials from abroad and within the country presented and deliberated the development themes that reflect the priorities of the Royal Government. These were 1) GNH Certification for Businesses 2) Improving Access to Finance for Cottage and Small Industries 3) Public-Private Partnerships 4) Economic Diversification, Productive Capacity and Resilience 5) Agribusinesses 6) Promoting Investments and 7) Entrepreneurship.