Annexure I: Business Proposal Template

  1. Name of the business.
  2. Business ownership and location.
  3. Business Description (What is your final product/service?)
  4. Potential benefits of the product/service.
  5. Market interest (market opportunities, target and strategy).
  6. Market competition (Who are your competitors and how do you compete)
  7. Risks, barriers and mitigation plan.
  8. Number of employees and their role.
  9. Technology used in the business.
  10.  Financial analysis to include:
  • Profit and Loss Statement
    • Actual performance of past 2 years.
    • Projection for next 5 years.
  • Sales pipeline (this indicates future sale prospects)
  • Total investment in the business made so far.
    • Own money invested in the business or money borrowed from family and friends.
    • Financing secured from NGO's
    • Loans secured from banks.
  • Fund requirements from DHI
    • How much fund do you need from DHI? (Maximum ceiling of Nu.500,000)
    • Breakdown of how the fund would be utilized.