Annexure II: Professional Recommendation or Customer Testimonial Template

  1. Professional Recommendation Template
  • Length: One page only
  • Format: To be written in the form of a formal letter.
  • Addressed to: DHI
  • Introduction: Explain your relationship with the entrepreneur for whom you are writing the letter. You may include how long you have known the entrepreneur and why you are writing the letter.
  • Body of the letter: Provide your personal view on the entrepreneur's specific skills, traits, achievement and abilities. Explain how the funding support from DHI will enable the entrepreneur to expand or accelerate the business growth.
  • Letter Closing: Provide your details and contact information. (Name, Designation, Contact number and Email address)


  1. Customer Testimonial Template
    The customer testimonial shall:
  • Provide authentic feedback/review on the entrepreneur's product or service/company.
  • Be concise and direct.
  • Include the customer's name, designation, contact number and email address.