Board Directors Orientation Program hosted by DHI at Terma Linca, Thimphu
On August 25-26, 2014, nineteen new Board Directors of DHI portfolio companies attended the 5th New Board Directors Orientation Program hosted by Druk Holding and Investments at the Terma Linca, Thimphu.
The two day orientation began with an introduction to DHI policy documents, namely the Corporate Governance Code and the DHI Ownership policy, for the incoming board members of DHI portfolio companies. The policy documents, among other important governance guidelines, outline the role and responsibilities of the board. The orientation also included an overview of the performance management systems maintained between Druk Holding and Investments and its portfolio companies.
The second day of the orientation focused on introducing the incoming Board Directors to essential skills necessary for understanding and interpreting financial statements. The orientation program was attended by Board Members from nine fully owned and controlled companies under the DHI structure.