Royal Civil Service Awards for DHI Employees
December 13, 2018: During the build up to the 111th National Day, 10 employees of DHI were awarded the Royal Civil Service Awards on December 13, 2018, which coincided with the DHI Annual Retreat in Tsirang. Honorable Chairman of DHI in the presence of CEO of DHI, members of the Dratsang Lhentshog of Tsirang and other DHI employees conferred these awards to the recipients, as is norm.
Out of the 10 employees, 1 was awarded the Gold Medal for 30 years of service, 2 were awarded the Silver Medal for 20 years of service and 7 were awarded the Bronze Medal for 10 years of service. The award comprising a medal and certificate signed by His Majesty the King has became an annual event. This award is a way of acknowledging, thanking, and expressing gratitude to civil servants for serving the Tsawa-Sum with dedication.
On behalf of the Board, Management and Employees, DHI would like to congratulate all the recipients of this prestigious award.