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Notification and Invitation for Bids

NIQ No.: DHI/Proc-10/2017/                                                                                       18th Oct 2017 

                                              Notification and Invitation for Bids

In line with the Royal Government's initiative to pilot the 1stphase of the electronic procurement system (e-GP), DHI will join the government in piloting two specific tenders, details of which are given below:

i)   DHI and DHI-owned companies will carry out two pilot tenders (one for goods and one for works) using the e-GP system. The two tenders are:

    a.       Procurement of A4 and A3 size photocopy paper for DHI and DHI-owned companies 

    b.      Construction of Barbed Wire Fencing at Pangserthang under Dagana Dzongkhag

Details of the tenders are available on the e-GP website (

In this regard, all bidders are requested to:

ii)    All interested bidders (contractors, and suppliers) must register in the e-GP system in order to participate in the bid. Registration and technical support will be available at the GPPMD office, Ministry of Finance.

iii)  The conduct of procurement through e-GP system shall be guided by e-GP guidelines

iv)   All registration, tender fees, downloading, submission shall be free until further notice

v)   The financial institutions shall facilitate bid security payment related to procurement