Department of Investments (DOI)

Corporate Performance Department (CPD)

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Department of Investments


Employee List
Mr. Chencho T. Namgay
Direct line: 02 337530
Extension: 106
  Mr. Sherab Namgay
  Associate Director
  Direct line: 02  335795   
  Extension:  156  
 Mr. Hari Lal Bhattarai
 Senior Analyst
 Extension: 149 
 Ms. Choni Om
 Senior Analyst 
 ( On leave )  
 Mr. Karma Chophel
 Extension : 109 
 Mr. Jigme Tenzin
 Ms. Lhakyi Tenzing (On Leave)
 Extension: 159
 Ms. Rada Om (On Leave)
 Mr. Jigdrel Singay( Study Leave)
 Assoc. Analyst
 Extension: 126
 Ms.Dorji Om
 Assoc. Analyst