NIQ No.: DHI/Proc-10/2017/                                                                                       18th Oct 2017 

                                              Notification and Invitation for Bids

In line with the Royal Government's initiative to pilot the 1stphase of the electronic procurement system (e-GP), DHI will join the government in piloting two specific tenders, details of which are given below:

i)   DHI and DHI-owned companies will carry out two pilot tenders (one for goods and one for works) using the e-GP system. The two tenders are:

    a.       Procurement of A4 and A3 size photocopy paper for DHI and DHI-owned companies 

    b.      Construction of Barbed Wire Fencing at Pangserthang under Dagana Dzongkhag

Details of the tenders are available on the e-GP website (

In this regard, all bidders are requested to:

ii)    All interested bidders (contractors, and suppliers) must register in the e-GP system in order to participate in the bid. Registration and technical support will be available at the GPPMD office, Ministry of Finance.

iii)  The conduct of procurement through e-GP system shall be guided by e-GP guidelines

iv)   All registration, tender fees, downloading, submission shall be free until further notice

v)   The financial institutions shall facilitate bid security payment related to procurement



NIQ No.: DHI/Procurement-14/2016/493                                                                                                  13th June 2016  

Auction Notice

Druk Holding and Investments Limited would like to dispose damaged assets through sealed bids. Interested firms/individuals may obtain complete set of documents from DHI Accounts upon payment of Nu. 200/- (non-refundable) w.e.f 16th June 2016 or firms can download documents from the link below.

 Firms/Individuals downloading documents from website should register themselves by intimating Accounts Unit (336258 Ext 123) before the deadline and cost of documents should be paid during the time of submission.

Interested Firms/Individuals are requested to inspect the items prior to bid submission. The sealed bids should be submitted on 27th June 2016 at 10AM and will be opened on the same date at 11 AM. The bidders are invited to witness bid opening.

For clarification, contact Procurement Office at 332347 during working hours. 

Procurement Manager


NIQ No.: DHI/Procurement-01/2016/                                                                                        18th May 2016  

Request for Proposals

Druk Holding and Investments Limited invites  proposals for the following:


Procurement Manager


NIQ No.: DHI/Procurement-01/2016/352                                                                                        4th April 2016  

Notice Inviting Quotation

Druk Holding and Investments Limited invites sealed bid from eligible firms/suppliers with valid trade license for the Supply of IT Equipment.

Bidding documents will be on sale from 4th April 2016 to 20th April 2016. Quotations shall be received upto 1200 hours (BST) on or before 22nd April 2016 and shall be opened on the same date at 1500 hours (BST).

Interested bidders may obtain complete set of bidding documents upon payment of non-refundable fee of Nu. 500.00 (two hundred) only as the cost of bidding documents from Accounts Section, DHI, Motithang.

The bidding document can also be downloaded from the link given below. Bidders downloading the bidding document from the website should register themselves by intimating Accounts Unit, DHI (336258 Ext. 123) before the deadline for submission of bid and cost of bidding document should be paid during the time of submission. No request for sending the bidding documents by post or by courier service shall be entertained.