Mr. Henk de Jong from the Netherlands is a professional project and program manager striving for an inclusive society and financial sustainability. He combines vision and management expertise at operational and executive levels maintains productive relations at all levels in society (diplomatic, government, business, NGO).

He is currently a TAIEX/EU Consultant for Dragonmills Company, the Netherlands wherein he consults and advices on EU policies/acquis communautaire on social and economic issues.

Since 2002, he has been working as the Director of Bhutan+partners and is responsible for designing and managing sustainable business programs in Bhutan and promoting business relations between Bhutan and the Netherlands. He also produces events, films, documentaries and books.

In the past, Henk has worked in the Netherlands under various functions for different agencies such as Executive manager, Program manager, Trainer, Coordinator, Founding director, board member, etc. He also served as the Country Director for SNV Bhutan.

Henk has specialized in management of NGO's , CSR business development and investment prospects, business startup support, business development for NGO's, earned money techniques for civil society organizations, social and economic inclusion for persons with special needs.

Henk has also worked in Moldova, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo, Cambodia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Surinam and Mali.