EPF Process

Applying for EPF



At the end of the training, the BEGIN program gives an opportunity to the BEGIN graduates who have completed the training "with excellence" to present their completed business plan to the investment committee of the EPF. Only those business plans which are considered by the investment committee shall proceed through the EPF process.

Other entrepreneurs with viable, growth potential and innovative business ideas interested to apply for EPF without undergoing the BEGIN training can also apply for the EPF as and when announcements are made. However, such applications prior to proceeding through the EPF process, have to go through the following selection process:

i. Applicants have to submit their business plans within the indicated submission date to the Private Sector Development Unit along with their CV and a copy of Citizenship Identity Card.

ii. The business plans submitted by the indicated submission date will be evaluated and shortlisted. The shortlisted applicants will be notified via email.

iii. The shortlisted applicants will have to pitch their business for approximately 5 minutes to the selection panel.

iv. Those applicants selected by the selection panel will have to make a presentation to the EPF investment committee for consideration of possible equity financing through the EPF.

v. Applicants considered for possible EPF financing by the EPF investment committee will have to go through the formal EPF due diligence and business plan refinement processes detailed in stages 1 to 4 (see EPF Process).