DHI Companies Intellectual Property Awareness Workshop 2019


Druk Holding & Investments Ltd. is in the process of implementing a Strategy on Management of Intellectual Property Rights of DHI Companies. To this effect, DHI in collaboration with the Department of Intellectual Property from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) organized a two-day awareness workshop on Intellectual Property for Focal Persons from the DHI owned companies (DOCs) in Paro from November 14 & 15, 2019. The objectives of this workshop is to create awareness of Intellectual Property Rights among DOCs, facilitate the DOCs to adopt appropriate measures to protect their Intellectual Property Rights, and ultimately promote innovation and creativity.

Resource persons from the Department of Intellectual Property, MoEA covered the following Intellectual Property topics: -

  1. Introduction to the Patent System & Registration Process
  2. Overview of the Trademark System & Registration Process
  3. Protection of undisclosed information as Trade Secrets
  4. Overview of Industrial Design System and Registration Process
  5. Introduction to Copyright & Related Rights
  6. Overview of the Registration Process
  7. Licensing & Franchising of IP Assets
  8. Enforcement Provisions in the IP Acts
  9. National Intellectual Property policy and component

The two-day awareness workshop was successfully concluded with very fruitful discussions taking place. Copies of the Department of Intellectual Property's Annual Magazine, Brochures, Acts and Policies were distributed and TV Spots on different IP subjects were screened to the participants.