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Business Entrepreneurship Growth and INnovation (BEGIN) Program:

DHI has developed a comprehensive entrepreneurship development program called BEGIN (Business Entrepreneurship Growth and INnovation) Program to promote entrepreneurship and innovation that would lead to the formation of larger size, high growth companies in Bhutan, which would generate employment and contribute towards economic development. The BEGIN program commenced on 19th March 2012 with its first batch of 11 trainees. So far, five trainings have been held and about 47 entrepreneurs have successfully completed the program ( Read More )

Selection Process

Since DHI is genuinely looking for serious and committed entrepreneurs for the training program, applicants interested to undergo the training have to go through a competitive selection process which includes:

Pre-selection requirements

  • Filling in application forms and submission of required documents
  • Attend Opportunity Spotting and Evaluation Session: The session provides tools and concepts to aid aspiring entrepreneurs in observing daily life and assisting them in translating these observations into viable business opportunities; additionally, gives aspiring entrepreneurs the skills needed to evaluate whether or not their proposed business idea might be viable as a business venture.(Read More)

BEGIN Training


  • The BEGIN training seeks to enhance trainees' business and critical thinking skills;
  • The BEGIN training intends to provide both a framework and tools for evaluating and applying to real life situations and developing business ideas into viable business plans.
  • The BEGIN training aims to provide a professional platform for successive, formal reviews of business plan development by local entrepreneurs as well as DHI subject experts.
  • The BEGIN training endeavours to provide all trainees business counselling services on need basis by trainers throughout the training program.(Read More)


At the end of the training, the BEGIN graduates who have been awarded certificates have the option to avail for the 9 months mentoring offered in the Program. It is a structured form of mentoring, whereby, DHI matches up the interested BEGIN graduates with appropriate local mentor for a one-to-one general mentoring The local mentors are entrepreneurs who are well established in the market. In addition, entrepreneurs can also avail for subject specific mentoring from DHI in-house resources.(Read More)