Adoption of organically certified technology to enhance the capacity of our mushroom cultivators


DHI has undertaken R&D activity with the primary objective of enhancing the capacity of the existing and aspiring mushroom cultivators in Bhutan. Research done on mushroom cultivation has been centered on improving the capacity of farmers with low resource base to make this vegetable as an income generating and a diet-supplementing crop.



DHI commenced the trial project on three strains viz: Siitake, Oyster and ear wood fungus in collaboration with Haruka International Corporation (HI) and the National Mushroom Centre on May 1, 2015. Trail production is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. The motives of this collaboration are to:
  1. Lead to capacity development and performance enhancement of the Bhutanese mushroom growers (private sector).
  2. Improve the rural livelihood of mushroom growers in Bhutan by making profit and creating employment opportunity.
  3. Improve the productivity and quality of mushrooms grown in Bhutan.
  4. Reduce the cost of setting up and running a mushroom facility in Bhutan.
  5. Enhance the method used for packaging mushrooms in Bhutan.
  6. Promote brand Bhutan through establishing market outside.

This R&D also determines the conditions that are required to adopt the organic technology for mushroom cultivation.

HI is a Japanese mushroom cultivator with an extensive experience in commercial cultivation of high quality organic mushrooms. HI's willingness to share their world class strains along with the state of art and most importantly certified organic technology is something to be cherished for our onward journey towards developing this particular industry in Bhutan.