Webinar: Cybersecurity and technologies – Past, Present and Post Quantum

Finding a Bhutanese Technology Pathway Series InnoTech, DHI – Building technology with Values.

In an endeavor to bring technology to the core of development, enhance our knowledge capacity as well as expand our network with global experts, the InnoTech Department, DHI, has initiated a webinar series. DHI's first webinar series was coordinated with DITT, MoIC. The webinar titled "Cybersecurity and technologies – Past, Present and Post Quantum" was organized with an objective of aiding in developing a national strategic white paper to develop Bhutan's ecosystem on cybersecurity technology. Cybersecurity is one of the thematic areas that the InnoTech department has strategized to study in "Finding a Bhutanese Technology Pathway".

The guest speakers during the 3-hours, presented and discussed the core of cybersecurity and its impacts on society building and adoption including fundamental technology that is poised to radically change the landscape and definition of cybersecurity itself. Additionally, a focused discussion was held on how cybersecurity could be looked at for development in various domains such as education and human resource, research and development, policy, and business. Many ideas on grassroot capacity development and towards mapping a national ecosystem on cybersecurity technology development in Bhutan were discussed. A detailed strategy white paper is planned.