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DHI appoints professionally qualified, well experienced, highly motivated and of high integrity Board Directors and CEOs in the DHI Portfolio Companies.

DHI sets performance targets and benchmarks for the DHI Portfolio Companies (DPCs), and holding the DPCs responsible and accountable for meeting those targets and benchmarks.

DPCs are expected to be familiar with the tenets of good corporate governance and shall ensure that they contribute to a foundation of trust between shareholders, directors and management built on accountability, fairness, transparency and responsibility.

  1. Accountability – That management is accountable to the board and that the board is accountable to shareholders.
  2. Fairness- That all shareholders will receive equal, just and unbiased consideration by directors and management.
  3. Transparency – All material information shall be disclosed to shareholders in a timely manner. 
  4. Responsibility – Directors and senior management shall carry out their duties with honesty, probity and integrity.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance (CG) comprises the systems and procedures by which enterprises are directed and controlled. Sound corporate governance is essential for improving the operational performance, enhancing shareholder value, strengthening transparency and accountability for the commercial entities.

DHI CG Initiatives

As mandated, DHI has made concerted effort in improving corporate governance in its portfolio companies since its establishment in 2007. To this effect, DHI has introduced and implemented a series of corporate governance policies and standards in DHI companies. DHI introduced Ownership Policy in 2010 as a framework for the governance and administration of its portfolio companies. 

DHI is continually working towards promoting excellence in corporate governance practices in its portfolio companies by adopting internationally accepted standards and practices of good corporate governance. DHI has developed Corporate Governance Code based on OECD Corporate Governance principles in 2013. The Code covers corporate governance framework and associated model terms of reference and model charters viz., Board Charter, Board Audit Committee Charter and Code of Conduct.

Considering that effective Boards are critical for providing leadership and strategic guidance to the management, DHI instituted a system to ensure effective Boards are appointed and give necessary direction and control to DHI portfolio companies. This is achieved through three main components:

1. Selecting and appointing professionally qualified, well experienced, highly motivated and of high integrity Board Directors. 

2. Enhancing the professionalism and skills of board directors through conducting professional development and on-boarding programs. 

3. Improving performance through instituting board evaluation and feedback system.

DHI has reaped the benefits of introducing these good board practices in DHI companies. In the last few years, it has to a great extent managed to successfully change the culture and mind-set of boards towards more active and business-focused governance roles in the companies.  



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