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DHI invites proposals to provide the catering services from reputed Catering Firms/Hotels and Restaurants:

More details on the services are provided in the Terms of Reference. The proposal shall include all required information and documents as mentioned in the Data Sheet.

A Firm will be selected under Quality and Cost Based Method and procedures described in this RFP, in accordance with DHI’s Procurement Manual. The weightage given for Technical proposal is 30% and 70% for Financial proposal.

Detailed scope of services and terms and conditions are given in the RFP attached herewith. The Submission and Opening details are given below as per the following schedule:



Floating of RFP date & time

6th May 2022

Submission date & time

20th May 2022 and 12:30 pm (Bhutan Standard Time)

Opening date & time 

20th May 2022 and 02:30 pm (Bhutan Standard Time) at DHI Conference Room, Thimphu, Bhutan

For further information, please visit www.dhi.bt or www.tender.bt or contact Procurement unit, DHI @ 02336257/58 or 77109906 during office hours.


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