Corporate Governance

"Corporate governance involves a set of relationships between a company's management, its board, its shareholders and other stakeholders.....

Annual Report

Investment Opportunities

Investment is the milestone towards better experiences and future growth opportunities. DHI is therefore seeking partners to invest in...

Announcements and Tenders
06 April 2016 
Addendum to Tender Document No.: DHI/PROC-13/2016/03
04 March  2016 
NIQ-Supply of IT Equipments
22 March  2016 
RFP-Study for Resource Optimization and Value Creation
News and Events
03 May 2016 
One Day Internal Auditors Training
26 April 2016 
DHI Chairman hosted dinner for deserving manual labourers of CDCL
14 April 2016 
Awareness of DHI at the Institutes of Higher Learning
Media and Press
08 March 2016    
Press Release: Loden-DHI Fund (second round)
23 December 2015 
DHI clarifies on pay disparity of its empoyees
25 November 2015 
Land of the digital Thunder Dragon(Bangkok Post)