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Group Financials
Total Asset and Net worth
In FY2020, the Group’s total assets increased by 10.10% (Nu. 20,531.38 M) and the net worth decreased marginally by 0.18% (Nu. 171.15 M). The increase in assets was mainly on account of increase in ‘short term deposits’ (by 161.25% or Nu. 18,007.72 M), ‘capital works in progress’ (by 14.09% or Nu. 1,923.54 M), ‘property plant and equipment’ (by 1.09% or Nu. 1,042.88 M), and ‘advance to Ministry of Finance’ (by 35.28% or Nu. 1,182.00 M). The decrease in net worth was mainly led by Nu. 16.236.81 M decrease in the ‘reserves’.
Group Revenue & Profit Before Tax (PBT)
The total income earned by the group for the year is Nu. 34,676.51 M, a decline of 12.51% from previous year’s Nu. 39,632.93 M. The decline is attributed to decrease in the revenue from customers from all segments (reduced by more than Nu. 6,657.85 M) except energy and resources segment, which increased by Nu. 809.44 M. As the decline in revenue was exponential by 12.51% compared to the decline in expenditure by 3.46%, the Profit After Tax (PAT) further declined by 45.48%, to Nu. 3,656.11 M from Nu. 6,706.03 M in FY2019.
Assets by Sector
Energy and Resource segment continues to crown the group with generation of maximum profit for FY2020, which amounted to Nu. 6,250 M. We are highly satisfied and motivated with Banks’ digital initiatives that eased banking services for its clients during the pandemic. For instance, BOB registered a record growth of mBOB users and the transaction value. As people spent more time indoors to prevent the spread of CoVID, and the internet usage surged, revenue increased in the communication sector as well. Manufacturing sectors also performed well amidst the pandemic and the challenges it posed to business.
Group Vs Others’ Contribution to National Revenue
The DHI and Group’s contribution to national revenue in the performance year 2020 is 34% (12.4 Billion). This is in comparison with the national revenue contributed by others in the financial year 2020.
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