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“Our future will become invariably inter-woven with regional and global developments as well as the fusion of ideas, innovations, and technologies, which are taking place at a very fast pace. Both the site and space of the future is becoming globalized. Our people’s sense of identity and belonging to the national community will therefore matter even more to enable them to navigate through the complexity and sophistication of the future.”

His Majesty the King of Bhutan

Portfolio Performance

Bank of Bhutan Ltd.

Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd.

Bhutan Telecom Ltd.

Construction Development Corporation Ltd.

Drukair Corporation Ltd.

Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd.

Dungsam Cement Corporation Ltd.

Dungsam Polymers Ltd.

Koufuku International Ltd.

Natural Resources Development Corporation Ltd.

State Mining Corporation Ltd.

State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Ltd.

Thimphu TechPark Ltd.

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