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Drone Application For Power Utilities

Innovation systems and technology are of great importance and significantly contribute to socio-economic development and nation building. Recognizing this, DHI Innotech aims to pursue research, develop ventures, and build national competency in the field of science and technology. Towards that end, Innotech has collaborated with Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) Limited to implement a pilot project that utilizes drones for power maintenance and operation.

Drone Application Power Maintenance and Operation

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on 1st January 2021 between DHI and BPC to launched the drone project. Once developed, the drone applications will carry out infrastructure inspection for BPC. Power line inspection is the first activity in the maintenance cycle. Its effectiveness is important in determining the power system reliability and the maintenance costs of the electrical system.

As underscored in the MoU, the project strives to help both parties gain familiarity with drone technology. This will enhance confidence and gain momentum to invest in other drone projects. Further, DHI will analyse and evaluation financial and technical feasibility for usage of drones in the aforementioned use case.

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Smart Bin Solution

Smart Bin is a battery powered trash compactor that reads a waste bin’s fill-level in real-time, compresses the accumulated waste, and notifies waste collectors when filled to capacity.

Overview of Issues

Waste collection and management is critical to any city. Traditionally, garbage trucks take rounds around Thimphu to collect waste from different areas. Delayed trucks and excess garbage causes bins to overflow, pollutes the area and attracts pathogens. This severely impacts public health. Smart Bin aims to tackle these problems by introducing a compression technology right at the source of the trash. 

About Smart Bin

Smart Bin is a trash compactor that uses battery power. It reads a waste bin’s fill-level in real-time using an ultrasonic sensor that triggers automatic waste compaction. This will effectively increases the bin’s capacity by up to 3-8 times, and reduce collection frequency by up to 80%. Once the bin is full, the bin sends a text to a given number along with the location of the bin. The bins will be a WiFi supported module and will send a signal to a central system in the future. This will then route the most efficient collection route.

Future Plans

The Smart Bin pilot project will be tested in certain key areas in partnership with Innotech. Once they have feedback from the pilot project, the product will be refined for commercialization. Features will be added to the MVP over time, including automatic segregation and disinfection using UV light.

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